Nanuman... Kay sige man kag iyot-iyot (Nanuman kay sigi'g iyut-iyot) is the offensive quote and favorite word by Jayvees Dale Mante. This quote can tells about the person not just a joke but also offenses. It makes that he/she that tells the person must experience something-something. There's a proof about this example.


This is example of that quote

Every login I will post all explanation about it and I have my notebook for this qualifying details.


Day 0 until present.

Day 0Edit

Avengers: We are the protectors of earth
Dragonball Z: Bitch Please.

That Bitch Please said by the second person if you don't understand why Jayvees said that for real. Madly ask that thing (sad).

Jayvees:Nanu man... Kay sige man kag iyot-iyot.

That explain it so which are fair. If how the children heared that? No, don't do this to Gohan. For me and I said:

Jayvdale: Lol!

So that's all about. I explain more in next login.

Day 1Edit

If we're going to ask why did he/she speaks about that is because. In Date: When you are a guy with the 180cm. tall with the penis of 6 inches dating with the 160 cm. tall but an average breast.

Guy: Do you know? I'm bored in my appartment yesterday night.
Girl: Why do you mean?
Guy: Because I... I only have to do is to masturbate thinking about sex.

Me: What! Nanuman... kay sige man kag iyot-iyot at least you are exposed. So that is the bad questions and the date ends here. Gross, so don't worry I will explain in the next day.

Day 2Edit

If you don't use your reminiscenes why because... you're always doing sex. No! What does it mean to translate it to english.