First Appearance of Nortis

Scrabble Official was successfully maked by myself on April 2012 but it is a stub so I can't complete how to form and I would make so I have the right to comprehend my hobby.

Official Tournament RulesEdit

This is created by the right owner. NSA Official Tournament Rules is created by the expert owner and teacher here of scrabble and they are most 34 game rules all over the world.

Series and Video ShowsEdit

I have making videos this time. This series the player would draw only in random so the player will not show piles.


The main protagonist of the series is serve for Nortis the Grunt Mind with the three friend of Steve, John Rey and Arances. Also the powerful protagonist is Jayvees that they wish to become a most powerful player in the era.


The main protagonist and the grunt of the all seasons with four other protagonist. He also has a special power is a hint from different computer by possessing him a dark powers giving him in perilous charge.


The protagonist of the game and who is the friend of Nortis when they first met and fast friend and he looks like house elder and beyond limitation with Jayvees.

Adjaua (John Rey)Edit

He is also sharp and very good ally along his battle seems he friend up with Steve which he makes stronger and he was a rival of Jayvees and Steve in city of Shattered Nations .


He is the one who interacts and explain to the people how they put my mind thinking and their strategy also put by myself. He was hired by Steve as a exterminator and Jayvees grow because of him.



The enemies of the series was led by Viper then (present enemy) which he holds a diabolical plan against the protagonist and they planned to become king of terror or scrabout organization each enemies had a powerful play and battle systems and they can no fear the hint of their lives.


The main antagonist and the enemy of Nortis who wants to stop him. He is stopped by Viper for encountering him in the temple.


The antagonist and the first enemy of Nortis when he's in the supreme court of injustice he was a officer and loyal to the Egypt country.